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Dad Misses You

March 16, 1998-
November 19, 2005

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Woody's bio page on KOPN's web site:

Woody Adkins

"Why I do Midnight Country"

Everyone who has a show on KOPN has their own reason for doing it. By reading my bio on KOPN's web site you will learn a lot about what motivates me to come up to the station every Monday morning to do Midnight Country. There are I suppose two bottom-line reasons though. First since I was very small I have wanted to be a DJ. I used to set up record players and cassette recorders in the middle of the living room at home and "play" radio. I would try and get anyone in my family I could to "play" radio with me or if no one was around I would be content to play alone. The second reason I do Midnight Country is I truly do love Country Music, the more traditional the better. Country Music is what I listen to the majority of the time. I don't knock other people for listening to other styles of music nor do I fault them for not liking Country. It is just what I prefer, what I can relate to, both musically and lyrically.

Woody with the Legendary Ron Lutz
Retired DJ from KFAL
in Fulton Missouri

Woody with *John Burns
at the KOPN Studios
July 10, 2005
*The Ol' Clark Outlaw's brother

Woody with *Missy Burns
at the KOPN Studios
July 10, 2005
*The Ol' Clark Outlaw's sister-in-law

Woody with *Kevin Burns
at the KOPN Studios
January 2, 2006
*Believe it or not, no relation to The Ol' Clark Outlaw

Woody with *Kyle Burns
at the KOPN Studios
January 2, 2006
*Midnight Country Family Member Kevin Burns' oldest son.

Woody with *Kaleb Burns
at the KOPN Studios
May 29, 2006
*Midnight Country Family Member Kevin Burns' youngest son.

My Reasons for

Getting Up Everyday

Bronco, Mear & Goldie

Bronco "Get the picture yet? I wanna play!"
Mear "Don't even think about touching Granddad's Diet Cola!"
Goldie "Whose chair do you think this is?"
You often hear me talking about my pets on Midnight Country. If it weren't for them I don't know what I would do. They each in their own way bring a smile to my face everyday. Bronco is always ready to play; the first thing he does when he comes in the house or goes outside is he looks for something so we can play fetch. Mear loves to lie on my left arm and knead as I work on the computer. She doesn’t understand when I have to move my left arm to type something, so instead I try to use my mouse as much as possible. She also likes to crawl up on my chest and suck on my ears as I am resting in my lazy boy. At night she often goes to sleep lying there on my chest when I am trying to get to sleep. I have fallen to sleep and woke up four hours later and she will still be there. Goldie likes to be where ever I am, whether lying on my desk as I work or at the head of my bed as I sleep. She loves her cat treats and anytime I eat something she runs to the office hoping she will get some treats. I have gotten up in the morning and looked in the kitchen and Goldie will be sitting there between her brother Bronco's legs. Bronco doesn't seem to mind, Golden Retrievers are great that way.
Bronco "Play Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine again. There should be more songs about us dogs!"
Mear "Tell me again how I am the most beautiful cat in the world!"
Goldie "If I had thumbs I could cut out the middle man, Dad that is!"

Woody with Dale Watson
at Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club
in Kansas City Missouri
September 9, 2004

Woody with Dale Watson
at Off Braodway
in St. Louis Missouri
December 12, 2005

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