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Columbia, Missouri
Midnight Country
with Woody Adkins
Keepin' Real Country on the Radio
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Dad Misses You

March 16, 1998-
November 19, 2005

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As you know Midnight Country is now just 3 hours every Monday morning. WHY? You ask! So we can bring you The Real Deal Country Show every Monday afternoon from 3-5 PM. Same great music, just during the DAY!
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The Mission of
Midnight Country

In a time when most of mainstream Country has drifted from its Traditional roots, the Mission of Midnight Country is simple, to keep Classic & Traditional Country alive. On Midnight Country I proudly play Classic Country as well as current Traditional Country, both of which are rarely being played on commercial Country radio.

I make a distinction between Classic and Traditional Country for this reason, not all the Classic Country I play would be considered Traditional and not all of the Traditional Country I play is considered Classic yet.

While the music is the main focus, I strive to produce the show in such a way that is warm and personable. It is hoped that you the listener will feel that Midnight Country is "your" show, just as KOPN is "your" community radio station. By taking your requests and dedications I am giving you the chance to be the program director of your own Country Music show!

Although Midnight Country is on at a time of night that doesn't allow most people to listen, there are many faithful listeners who call in on a regular basis. I often refer to these callers as the "Midnight Country Family." You will often hear me sharing about my week with the "Midnight Country Family", openly discussing the highs and lows of my life. I hope that you will see this as a refreshing change in an era of "on-air" egos, slick presentations and image control.

If at 5:30 AM you say to yourself "Now that was real Country Music," then I will know that I have succeeded in my Mission to keep Classic & Traditional Country alive. If you conclude Midnight Country is "too" Country, don't worry I will not be offended but rather I will see that as the ultimate compliment.

Host of Midnight Country,
Woody Adkins

"Save the Country Fund"

Have ya got an old empty piggy bank sitting around? I would like to challenge everyone who listens to Midnight Country on a regular basis to put $.10 in a piggy bank once a day. In one year's time everyone could then easily become a KOPN Member and help keep Classic & Traditional Country alive and well on Midnight Country. Now if you do the math you will notice at a dime a day you will be $3.50 short. I tell ya what I will even make up any difference between $36.50 & $40. What a deal and what a way to support your favorite Country Music show!

"Remember "A Dime a Day Will Keep the Pop Away!

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